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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Spending Spring Break at Our Cabins in Murphy NC

If you have kids in school who have an upcoming spring break, take advantage of this time off with a stay at our Murphy cabin rentals! Whether you have children in grade school or college, our cabins offer the perfect opportunity to unwind after months of hard work! Take advantage of some scenic local hikes or spend your days relaxing at the cabin among the beauty of the mountains! Here are the top 4 reasons why your family will love spending spring break at our cabins in Murphy NC: Read More
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Top 5 Reasons Why Our Cabins Are the Best Option for Lodging in Murphy NC

When you’re planning to come experience the beautiful mountains of Murphy NC, immerse yourself into nature with a stay at our affordable cabin rentals! Our cabins are a much better option than staying in a hotel, as they offer tons of extra amenities ranging from fully equipped kitchens to private decks with bubbling hot tubs! Here are the top 5 reasons why our cabins are the best option for lodging in Murphy NC: Read More
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Answering Your Questions About Snow in North Carolina’s Mountains

Are you looking to plan a magical getaway this winter to a picture-perfect place where you can unwind and recharge? If your answer is yes, then North Carolina’s mountains are waiting for you! With gorgeous views and lots to do, it’s no wonder why lots of visitors choose to plan vacations to these mountains each year. If you are considering coming to visit during the wintertime, you may have questions about snow in North Carolina’s mountains, such as when it is most common and what activities you can do when it snows. We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most common questions and answers about snow in North Carolina’s mountains: Read More
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4 Reasons Our NC Cabin Rentals Are Perfect for a Winter Vacation

Are you planning a winter vacation but aren’t sure where to go? Fear not! Our NC cabin rentals are perfect for your next winter vacation. With the incredible atmosphere of the mountains in the winter, lots of great activities to try, seasonal festivities, and lots more to look forward to, it’s no wonder that our NC cabin rentals are such a popular choice for winter vacation. Read on to learn more about this great option for your next winter getaway: Read More
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4 of the Best Places to See the NC Fall Colors When You Stay With Us

Everyone knows that visiting the mountains in the fall presents lots of incredible opportunities to see the fall colors that sweep across the mountains during this time of year. If you’re considering planning a visit to Murphy NC, then you’re in luck! There are lots of places to see the NC fall colors when you stay at one of our cabins here in Murphy, from scenic hikes to stunning drives and more. Read on to learn about some of the best places to see the NC fall colors when you stay with us: Read More
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A Detailed Guide to Renting Our North Carolina Cabins

If you need a peaceful escape from your everyday routine, come to Murphy, North Carolina! It is surrounded by gorgeous views of the Appalachian Mountains. Visitors can go for a drive and enjoy all the fun attractions in the city as well! We know that lodging is an important part of any vacation, and we would be happy to provide you with a comfortable place to stay while you’re in town. Start planning your vacation now and check out this detailed guide to renting our North Carolina cabins: Read More

4 of the Top Reasons to Visit Murphy North Carolina

If you are looking for your next vacation destination and want to go somewhere with an incredible atmosphere, a vibrant downtown, and lots of opportunities for adventures, look no further than Murphy North Carolina! This charming mountain town has so much to offer visitors, from its restaurants and shops to its beautiful forests and rivers, and more. We’ve put together just a few of the top reasons to visit Murphy North Carolina, so read on and start planning your next trip today! Read More
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6 Great Murphy NC Restaurants For Lunch

When you stay at our cabin rentals in Murphy NC, you’re sure to have a blast enjoying all the North Carolina mountains have to offer. But in order to keep the adventures going, you need to stay fueled up, which is why we’ve put together this list of Murphy NC restaurants where you can get a great lunch! From sandwiches, to barbecue, and more, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best Murphy NC restaurants for lunch. Read More
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5 Reasons Our North Carolina Mountain Cabin Rentals Are Perfect for Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking to plan a vacation full of relaxation and natural beauty, look no further than our North Carolina mountain cabin rentals! Our cabins are located in Murphy, Hayesville, Andrews, and the surrounding area, and offer quality amenities and features that will make your stay unforgettable. From our wide range of cabin options, to nearby activities, to affordable rates – Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has everything you need to create lasting memories in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina! Read More
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5 Murphy NC Thrift Stores with Amazing Bargains

There’s so much to do when you stay in Murphy NC – but you may not know that the town has plenty of thrift stores that offer a wide variety of items while presenting opportunities to support good causes. These hidden gems are packed with great bargains and treasures waiting to be discovered. Here are some of our favorite Murphy NC thrift stores where you can find interesting items at great bargains: Read More
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A Guide to Seeing Waterfalls Along Highway 64 in North Carolina

When you plan a trip to the quiet side of the Smoky Mountains, you probably want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There’s no better place to be than in the beauty of this mountainous region, and one of the most incredible things to see is waterfalls. If you want to combine a gorgeous scenic drive with hiking to beautiful waterfalls, then you need to travel on the North Carolina Waterfall Byway. Keep reading to learn more about the scenic road and how to find these amazing waterfalls near Murphy NC. Read More

5 Ways to Save Money On Your Next North Carolina Vacation

A North Carolina vacation doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. You can go on an affordable getaway if you plan just right! From finding an affordable place to stay to enjoying free activities during your trip, you can save quite a bit of money! Check out these 5 ways to save money on your next trip to Murphy, North Carolina! Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Murphy NC

Are you planning a vacation to Murphy, North Carolina but aren’t sure what to do once you’re here? While you’ll find some of the most beautiful places to stay and fun things to do, there are also plenty of restaurants you’ll want to try when you’re in town! It can be hard deciding where to go with so many options, but that’s why we have put together a guide to the best restaurants in Murphy NC based on what meal of the day you’re looking for! Read More
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5 Reasons to Take a Multi-Family Vacation in a Three Bedroom Cabin in Murphy NC

Taking your vacation with another family is a great way to save money and have more fun on your trip to Murphy, North Carolina! You will have a memorable time in your cabin rental and will enjoy the benefits of our fantastic amenities and comfortable accommodations. Here are 5 reasons to take a multi-family vacation in a three bedroom cabin in Murphy NC:   Read More