Hiwassee Lake in Murphy NC

Fields of the Woods is just minutes from Murphy NC

Fields of the Woods is a great place for families to enjoy mountain scenery in a family atmosphere!  Nestled on the outskirts of Murphy, being just a 30 minute drive, you’ll enjoy the Worlds Largest set of the Ten Commandments.  They are made out of concrete and each letter is 5 foot tall and 4 foot wide!  Walk the stairway in the middle and have a bird’s eye view when you reach the top!

Here are just a few other exciting activities to do:

  • Experience the all nations cross
  • Mountain Prayer Chapel
  • See Golgotha
  • Visit the Psalms of Praise
  • Hike the nature trails
  • Climb to the top of Prayer Mountain
  • Hidden Treasures gift shop.
  • Duck pond
  • picnic areas
  • For more information go to fieldsofthewoodsbiblepark.com or call (828) 494-7855

Also the snack bar is open seasonally and has great hamburgers and hot dogs! 

If Fields of the Woods is somewhere where you would like to visit on your vacation then Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has cabin rentals that are located near this famous attraction.   To contact someone about renting these cabin please call 1 877 837 5551 or visit our website www.mccrnow.com.


The ten commandments in the Fields of the Woods Bible Park in Murphy NC.
Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments