A group of friends white water rafting.

Rafting Near Murphy NC

Looking for a day of excitement?  Rafting is a great day activity that can include the whole family!  There are two different places where you can go rafting near Murphy NC.  The first place is Nantahala River White Water Rafting.  The Nantahala river is not only beautiful but offers mild rapids to raft. The Nantahala also offers places to swim and there is a restaurant right on the river.  If you are looking to come up on vacation and you know that rafting is something that you want to do then visit our website mccrnow.com.  There are a couple of cabins that are right on the Nantahala River.  Riverside Cabin 1 and Riverside Cabin 11.

There is also the Ocoee which is the home of the 1996 olympics.  The Ocoee rapids are described as the “Ocoee Coaster”.  It is an adrenaline rush and you are  guaranteed to have blast.  The Ocoee also offers swimming in an area that they call the blue hole.  It is beautiful.  The water is clear and it is surrounded by the beauty of nature.