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Hear the Irresistible Sounds of the North Carolina Mountains

Now that spring is warming up the mountains and blooming color back into the area, North Carolina visitors can see the wildlife exploring and frolicking through the valleys and hilltops. Wildlife viewing in the Carolinas is a favorite for vacationers, and, this spring, the irresistible sounds of the mountains are calling you to get away.

From the breeze rustling the trees to the sounds of rushing water along the natural valley streams, there’s little more relaxing than the sounds of nature. With the crest of the mountains and valleys below, the variety of elevations provide a diversity of habitats for wildlife. From black bears and white tailed deer to red-tailed hawks, the mountains of eastern North Carolina are home to some of the largest varieties of animal species in the country.

From rustling trees to the soft steps of white tailed deer, the sounds of the mountains are unlike anywhere else in the world. When traveling through the mountains searching for chirping birds and adventurous wildlife, it’s best to view animals in the morning and evening. To hear the heartwarming sounds of playful birds, mornings are the best times to listen to their stirring.

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Image courtesy of HQWide