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5 Reasons to Take a Multi-Family Vacation in a Three Bedroom Cabin in Murphy NC

Taking your vacation with another family is a great way to save money and have more fun on your trip to Murphy, North Carolina! You will have a memorable time in your cabin rental and will enjoy the benefits of our fantastic amenities and comfortable accommodations. Here are 5 reasons to take a multi-family vacation in a three bedroom cabin in Murphy NC:  

1. Shared Costs

Longview Cabin OutsideA major advantage of staying in a three bedroom cabin in Murphy NC with your friends or extended family is being able to share the cost of the vacation. Although our cabins are already affordable, the cost savings of a group rental allows each family to have more money for other components of the trip. This means more cash for local attractions and family fun! Hotels can be pricy on top of having to book multiple rooms to accommodate a large group. We offer cabin specials to save you even more money. Some specials include free nights!

2. Fantastic Amenities

A three bedroom cabin in Murphy NC has a wide range of fantastic amenities to make your multi-family vacation truly special. Our cabins can include amenities such as pool tables, mountain views, hot tubs, ping pong tables, fire pits, gas grills, and more! Pile on the sofa for a movie night or challenge a relative to a favorite game in the game room. Whether soaking the night away in the hot tub or relaxing on your cabin’s front porch, everyone in your group is sure to find a fun activity to enjoy.

3. Full Kitchens

cabin kitchen longviewAll of our vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens, so guests can whip up a delicious meal right in their cabin. In addition to saving money by not eating out every night, families will enjoy the ample space for spreading out when they have an in-cabin dinner. Your family can enjoy your family meal at the dinner table or even take it outside for a picnic.

4. Comfortable Accommodations

We has comfortable accommodations for everyone in your group. Browse our selection of more than 15 three bedroom cabins to select the arrangement that is perfect for you, whether it is bedrooms with king beds or rooms with twins. Most of our three bedroom cabins can accommodate up to 8 people, are very spacious, and provide multiple bathrooms.

5. The More, the Merrier

The night sky seen from a cabin's private deck at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals.When more people are around on your vacation, it simply creates a more festive and fun environment for everyone. Kids will appreciate the opportunity to play with other children, and the adults will love gathering on the cabin’s deck each night to tell stories and share laughs. The kids will have an opportunity to play outside and you will get a chance to enjoy nature!

Now you know 5 reasons to take a multi-family vacation in a three bedroom cabin in Murphy NC! Explore our cabin rentals and start planning your vacation getaway in Murphy NC. You will have a great time taking in the beautiful views, enjoying our fantastic amenities, and comfortable accommodations. We look forward to seeing you soon!