Who Else Wants a Waterfall in their Backyard?

One of the very best places to stay at Mountain County Cabin Rentals is the Falls Lodge Community. Consisting of three units, these cabins in Murphy NC are in an incredibly scenic location. Here are a handful of reasons you should spend your next vacation in the picturesque Falls Lodge:

1. You will have your own waterfall.

Just steps away from your cabin, you will find a breathtaking private waterfall. Imagine listening to the constant rush of the falls as you take in one of nature’s miracles. There is nothing like taking a romantic stroll to the Falls Lodge waterfall as the sun sets.

2. Basketball courts for the kids.

The Falls Lodge cabins in Murphy NC come with pristine outdoor basketball courts. Your kids will love playing a pickup game or challenging each other to HORSE. All you need is a basketball, and your children will have hours of entertainment.

3. Three different units to choose from.

Whether you are planning a couple’s retreat or a family vacation, Fall’s Lodge has something for everyone. Unit 1 comes with one bedroom and one bathroom, Unit 2 has one bedroom and two bathrooms, and Unit 3 has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you are planning a group trip, you can rent all three cabins or just 2 and 3 as one large unit.

4. Everything you need for an outdoor cookout.

All of the cabins in Falls Lodge come with a full kitchen and a charcoal grill, giving guests everything they need to have an amazing barbeque. A juicy hamburger is guaranteed to taste even better when it is enjoyed with a spectacular waterfall backdrop.