Happy couple near their romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin.

6 Ways Taking a Vacation in a Romantic 1 Bedroom North Carolina Cabin Will Improve Your Relationship

A couples getaway in a romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with your sweetheart! Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has put together a list of six ways taking a vacation in Murphy, NC will improve your relationship.

1. Limited Distractions

There is a lot to see and do in our special corner of North Carolina, but for a romantic getaway we suggest that you take it slow and easy. Turn off that cell phone for awhile and stow the laptop. Take advantage of your cabin’s secluded location and just concentrate on each other.

2. Try Something New

Variety is the spice of life. You’ll find many new and exciting experiences that you can share when you stay at a romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin. Why not try whitewater rafting or ziplining? An outdoor adventure is just the thing to add some thrills to your trip!

3. Time to ReconnectCouple hiking in the woods near their romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin.

With the constant demands of work, school, and other responsibilities, it’s easy to feel disconnected. We’re a little more leisurely around here, so you’ll have plenty of time to slow down, relax, and remember why you’re so special to each other.

4. Compromise for a Stronger Relationship

He loves to golf; she’d rather spend the afternoon at the spa. With a getaway in North Carolina, you can do both! Couples can explore local golf courses in the morning and then relax with a luxurious spa treatment in the afternoon. Even if you go your separate ways for a few hours, you will be even more appreciative of the time you have together later on. Check out our North Carolina Cabin Rental Specials page to learn about the golf and spa discounts available to our guests.

5. Leave Comfort Zones in the Dust

Staying in your comfort zone might feel nice, but it can also be repetitive and dull. A trip to the mountains of North Carolina is a chance to rise up out of that comfort zone as a couple to explore new territory. Take a hike in the forest, go horseback riding, or try an exotic dish. Make your vacation an adventure, and you are guaranteed to feel closer to your sweetheart.

Man and woman embracing at their romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin.6. New, Treasured Memories

A vacation at a romantic 1 bedroom North Carolina cabin is an opportunity to create a string of remarkable memories that you will look back on for years to come.  Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture all of the special moments during your trip!

You and your sweetheart will have a fun time visiting Murphy, North Carolina. Browse through our available cabins and start planning your vacation today!