Mountains in North Carolina during autumn

5 Ways to Experience Fall From Your Cabin in Murphy NC

Autumn in North Carolina is absolutely breathtaking! When you stay with us this fall, here are five ways that you can experience the season right from your cabin:

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1. Admire the Leaves from Your Porch

This might sound simplistic, but simplicity is beauty, especially when you’re looking to unwind. Furthermore, there is no location in the world that compares to the autumn leaves found in Western North Carolina. If you’re into photography, then you will have an exceptional opportunity to capture this beauty.

2. Enjoy Cool Air While Relaxing in an Outdoor Hot Tub

Have you ever had the pleasure of stepping into a hot tub when the air is cold and the water is hot? It’s absolutely invigorating! There’s nothing like taking in the fall foliage while soaking in a steamy tub.

3. Read a Good Book

Sure, you can read a good book anywhere, but where is anywhere? In your home, where technology is a constant interruption? In the waiting roomBlue Ridge Parkway in the fall at the doctor? On the train to work? None of these are ideal locations to dig into a novel. To really nestle up and dive into a great story for maximum enjoyment, you need the right atmosphere. A cabin in Murphy NC certainly provides that environment.

4. Take in the Views

Have you ever stayed at a cabin in the mountains? If so, then you already know that the best part is sitting on the porch or deck and taking in the views. The quiet atmosphere and mountain views will make you feel like you are at peace with the world.

5. Be Romantic

If you’re looking for that romantic getaway, then a cabin in Murphy NC should be your first choice. Not only will you have a peaceful cabin to enjoy, but you can cook your own dinner, open a glass of wine, and dine on the deck or balcony with the sweeping mountains in the background. What could possibly be more memorable?

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