Family surfing the web together on a tablet in their Murphy NC cabin with internet access.

5 Perks of Staying at a Murphy NC Cabin with Internet Access

With the popularity of laptops and tablets, staying connected on vacation is more important than ever! Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has put together the top five perks of staying at a Murphy NC cabin with internet access.

1. Get Information About Things to Do

If you want to know the hours of operation for local attractions, internet access is indispensable. You can also surf the web to find out if there are any live music performances that shouldn’t be missed. As you browse, you may even stumble across an activity near Murphy that you didn’t know about before.

2. Save MoneyMother and daughter using laptop in the grass outside of their Murphy NC cabin with internet access.

While you’re looking for things to do online, be sure to browse for coupons and discounts. Sometimes attractions let you buy tickets online for special rates, and some businesses offer package deals that can also save you money.

3. Keep an Eye on the Weather

People come to Murphy because of the many outdoor attractions, but we do have our share of rainy days. Use the internet to stay up to date on the weather so you can decide whether the day’s plans should include hiking or shopping.

4. Stay in Touch

When you stay at a Murphy NC cabin with internet access, it’s easy to stay in touch with family and friends. Stay up to date on your emails, and don’t forget to share vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram. Folks back home will love getting updates about the wonderful time you’re having. Plus, if your home is equipped with smart house technology, you can check in anytime you like to make sure everything is safe and secure.

Family using a tablet by the fireplace at their Murphy NC cabin with internet access.5. Manage Your Finances

Keep track of your vacation expenses by logging into your checking account every evening. You’ll also be able to tally your credit card receipts to keep tabs on your spending.

Before you book a Murphy NC cabin with internet access, check out our North Carolina Cabin Rentals Specials page to learn how you can save money on your vacation!