3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rental

5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Murphy NC Cabin Rentals with 3 Bedrooms

A vacation spent in one of our Murphy NC cabin rentals is made even more special when you see what our 3 bedroom cabins offer guests. We have a selection that gives you many fantastic options when you decide to book one of these cabins for an amazing time spent with the family. We can show you 5 reasons why you’ll absolutely fall in love with these cabins!

1. Lovely Views

There’s plenty of sensational views available at every turn while you’re staying at one of our 3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rentals. At your cabin, you’ll be able to see the beautiful mountains go on for miles in the distance. We also have cabins that also give you a pretty picture of the Hiwassee River with the mountains in the background. Now that’s a picture worth spending some money on for at least a few days!

2. Plenty of Room for the Family

cabin in murphy north carolinaOur 3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rentals offer enough space for your family to enjoy everything there is to love about your vacation. Even with all the space you’ll have on the inside, you’ll find a spacious deck on your cabin of choice on the outside. In fact, with the​ Smokey Mountain Dreaming​ cabin, you’ll even have an outdoor covered kitchen to cook meals on bright and sunny days.

3. Comfortable Furnishings for Ultimate Relaxation

Comfort is a high priority for families when they want to go on vacation, and at our Murphy NC cabin rentals, you’ll get just that! Our cabins are furnished with some of the finest couches, beds and chairs so you can easily relax when you’re watching your favorite TV show, reading a book, or resting your feet after enjoying the next reason why you’ll love these cabins.

4. Close to Great Outdoor Activities

outside area of Murphy NC cabinOur 3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rentals are perfect for the avid outdoorsman, or the family that wants to do some outdoor activities they normally aren’t able to engage in. We have 3 bedroom cabins that are near hiking trails, and some that will take you to Lake Hiwassee where you can feel the cool air and get your fishing fix.

5. Easily Accessible

You can take comfort in the fact that our 3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rentals can easily be accessed from your drive. It can be a stressful experience getting to cabins from other rental companies, but we’ll keep your mind at ease as the roads leading to these cabins are all paved. A cabin with awe-inspiring views doesn’t mean you have to deal with panic-inducing roads that can make even the most experienced driver nervous.

That’s a look at some of the great reasons for choosing one of our 3 bedroom Murphy NC cabin rentals for your vacation. Whether you have a large family, or you just feel the need to splurge on a larger cabin for your vacation, our selection won’t give you a single regret. ​Book your 3 bedroom cabin​ now to be certain you won’t miss the excitement of staying with us!