Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest close to Murphy, NC

The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest close to Murphy NC is a beautiful forest with large trees that are “protected”.  Having never been cut – these trees are some of the tallest and largest in diameter in this part of the US!  Here’s a little bit of history on the forest:

It’s a living memorial.  “Veterans of the foreign wars asked the government to set a side a fitting stand of trees to serve as a living memorial to Joyce Kilmer, who was killed in action during WWI.  Although Kilmer was both a solider and a poet, he is most remembered for his poetry about common beautiful things in nature.  Trees is Kilmer’s best know poem”(

Joyce Kilmer is about 15 miles from Robbinsville, North Carolina.  The trail through the forest is approximately 2 miles.  As you walk through nature enjoy and take in all the beautiful scenery.  You will see the enormous yellow poplars that are over 20 feet in circumference and stand over 100 feet tall.  The ground that you walk upon is covered in moss-covered logs, wildflowers, ferns, rippling creeks and so much more.  Every season is beautiful in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter –  It is an unforgettable experience.

These trees are very old and some date back to over 400 years old.  As you walk through the forest there are benches so you can sit and relax and enjoy your time.

The forest is about an hour from Murphy, so book a great cabin here in Murphy and enjoy the scenic trip to the forest – have a day of nature!

Sunrise at the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.
Sunrise at Joyce Kilmer

The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina.

Two women at the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.