snowy trail in mountains

Answering Your Questions About Snow in North Carolina’s Mountains

Are you looking to plan a magical getaway this winter to a picture-perfect place where you can unwind and recharge? If your answer is yes, then North Carolina’s mountains are waiting for you! With gorgeous views and lots to do, it’s no wonder why lots of visitors choose to plan vacations to these mountains each year. If you are considering coming to visit during the wintertime, you may have questions about snow in North Carolina’s mountains, such as when it is most common and what activities you can do when it snows. We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most common questions and answers about snow in North Carolina’s mountains:

When does it most often snow in North Carolina’s mountains?

Typically, January is the snowiest month in the mountains of North Carolina, while February is a close second. However, snow also sometimes occurs in December and March. Although January and February are generally the best times to visit if you are looking to experience snow in North Carolina’s mountains, December and March can also be good options depending on the weather!

How much does it typically snow in North Carolina’s mountains?

lake with snowWhile the amount of snowfall can vary heavily depending on the year’s weather and the area of North Carolina’s mountains being measured, the amount of snow usually ranges from 12 inches per winter all the way up to 50 or more inches.

Where does it most often snow in North Carolina’s mountains?

While this may be no surprise, the area’s of North Carolina’s mountains with higher elevation tend to receive the most snow, while areas with lower elevation tend to receive less. Areas like Beech Mountain and Boone tend to get a lot of snow, while areas like Asheville and Murphy tend to get lighter amounts of snow.

What activities can you do in the snow in North Carolina’s mountains?

snowy trail with chairliftThere are lots of fun activities that you can participate in when it snows in North Carolina’s mountains! Whether you choose to go skiing or snowboarding, snow tubing, hiking in the snow, or just relaxing at your cabin, you’ll be able to enjoy the winter magic of snow in North Carolina’s mountains and make fun memories of your trip.

What else should I know about snow in North Carolina’s mountains?

While snow is a beautiful sight and can enhance your trip, keep in mind that inclement weather can impact your ability to travel on certain roads and access certain areas safely. In order to enjoy a fun and safe vacation, make sure to keep an eye on local weather advisories and leave extra time to travel when it is snowy!

Now that you have all your questions answered about snow in North Carolina’s mountains, you are one step closer to planning a dream vacation this winter! If you are ready to come and visit, just go ahead and check out our selection of cabins in the North Carolina mountains and find the perfect spot for your next getaway. We’ll see you soon!