shirts on a thrift store rack

5 Murphy NC Thrift Stores with Amazing Bargains

There’s so much to do when you stay in Murphy NC – but you may not know that the town has plenty of thrift stores that offer a wide variety of items while presenting opportunities to support good causes. These hidden gems are packed with great bargains and treasures waiting to be discovered. Here are some of our favorite Murphy NC thrift stores where you can find interesting items at great bargains:

1. Valley River Humane Society Thrift Store

The Valley River Humane Society Thrift Store is a perfect place to shop if you want to support a great cause while also finding amazing bargains. The store has a wide variety of items, including high-quality clothing, household items, toys, books, games, collectibles, and vintage items. The revenue generated from this store covers more than half of the operating costs of the no-kill Valley River Humane Society shelter. By shopping at this thrift store, you can help support the shelter’s mission of providing a safe and loving environment for animals.

2. Reach Thrift Store

shirts on a rack at a thrift storeReach Thrift Store is another great thrift store that has a wide selection of gently used clothing, household items, furniture, books, collectibles, and more! Every purchase made at this store helps to support victims of domestic violence and their children, meaning you can bring home a collection of fun items while contributing to an important cause. With affordable prices and lots of items, Reach Thrift Store is an ideal place to shop for miscellaneous goods while supporting the community.

3. Logan’s Run Rescue and Thrift Store

Logan’s Run Rescue and Thrift Store is a great option for those looking to find bargains while helping animals in need. Browse their selection of clothing and other goods, knowing that your purchase will contribute to their mission of ending overpopulation of dogs and cats in the community and finding forever homes for stray animals. You’ll love wandering through their extensive collection and finding interesting items that support a great cause!

4. Renewed Hope Thrift Store

someone browses shirts on a rackRenewed Hope Thrift Store is another of the best Murphy NC thrift stores to check out if you’re looking for quality used merchandise at affordable prices. The store directly supports a residential program helping people to overcome alcohol addiction. They have a wide variety of goods, even including furniture and appliances! When you shop at Renewed Hope, you’ll find items you love and feel great about supporting a good cause.

5. Marketplace Antiques

Marketplace Antiques is a must-visit for anyone who loves exploring unique and interesting items. They have a great variety of goods, including reasonably priced glass and kitchenware, as well as a wide range of jewelry. Their organized collection and helpful staff will make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for and discover things you hadn’t even thought of! With a combination of antiques and knick-knacks, there’s something for everyone at Marketplace Antiques!

Murphy NC thrift stores are truly hidden gems waiting to be discovered. When you shop at these stores, you can find great bargains while also supporting good causes in the community. Whether you’re looking for unique vintage finds or just want to support a good cause, these thrift stores have something for everyone. So next time you’re in Murphy, be sure to check out these thrift stores and see what treasures you can find! And if you’re looking for even more shopping options, check out some of the best places to go shopping in Murphy.