A bubbling hot tub on a cabin deck in Murphy NC.

Top 4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Relaxing on the Deck of Our Murphy NC Cabin Rentals

While staying at our beautiful cabin rentals in the mountains of Murphy NC, there are all kinds of wonderful amenities to enjoy including a private deck! You’ll quickly discover that this is your favorite part of the cabin, as it features stunning views, fresh mountain air and the unique opportunity to experience nature at its finest! Here are the top 4 reasons why you’ll love relaxing on the deck of our Murphy NC cabin rentals:

1. Peaceful Sounds of Nature

buddy's mountain view cabin rental in murphy nc deckStep out onto your cabin’s private deck to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature, ranging from flowing creeks to birds gently chirping away in the distance! When you truly want to “get away from it all”, there is just no better place to spend your vacation! If you are into birdwatching, be sure to bring some binoculars and a camera as you never know what you might spot flying around in the distance! While there is plenty to see and do in Murphy, you’ll always look forward to returning to the peaceful ambiance of your cabin’s deck!

2. Excellent Stargazing Opportunities

Another  reason why you’ll love relaxing on the deck of our Murphy NC cabin rentals is to take advantage of the excellent stargazing opportunities! Since our cabins are miles and miles away from any major cities, there is no light pollution to disturb the view of the night sky! Kick back to search for some of the popular constellations, or turn it into a fun game with your family and friends to see who can spot the Big Dipper first! For some extra assistance, bring along a star chart or download an astronomy app on your favorite device!

3. Fresh Mountain Air

view from deck of Murphy NC cabinOne of the great things about a vacation to our cabin rentals is the fresh mountain air, as you’ll notice a difference as soon as you step out of your car! The unique fragrance of the forest is truly amazing, and you can enjoy it as much as you want by relaxing on your private deck! Step outside each morning with a hot cup of coffee and take a deep breath to let the mountain air fill your lungs! While you can’t bottle it up to bring it back home, you’ll enjoy it during every moment of your time on the deck at our cabins!

4. Bubbling Hot Tubs

The decks on our Murphy NC cabin rentals feature bubbling hot tubs that feel delightful after a day of hiking through the mountains or exploring the shops in downtown Murphy! Let the soothing jets of the hot tub virtually melt your stress away as you leave your daily routine back home for a few days! This is a wonderful way to wind down in the evening, so cuddle up with your sweetheart or share some hot tub time with a group of friends! If you are an early riser, come outdoors for a morning hot tub session and watch the sun rise up over the mountains!

Check out all of our Murphy NC cabin rentals today to plan the ultimate getaway to the mountains of North Carolina! We look forward to seeing you soon!