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4 Reasons Our Murphy NC Cabin Rentals Are Perfect for a Family Vacation

Family vacations are always a special occasion. The memories you make on these trips are sure to last a lifetime for both you and your children. As you are trying to plan your next vacation destination, consider visiting the North Carolina mountains. Here you will find miles of amazing scenery, exciting attractions, and fun for the whole family. Here are 4 reasons why our Murphy NC cabin rentals are perfect for a family vacation:

1. Amazing Amenities

A firepit with chairs around it.When you are deciding where you should stay on vacation with your family, amenities are extremely important. Not only do you have to make sure your lodging space has everything you need, but also some fun added bonuses for you and your kids. At our cabin rentals, we offer unbelievable amenities that will help create the memories of a lifetime, including hot tubs, pool tables, fire pits, and beautiful mountain views. With everything there is to do at your cabin, your kids will be entertained for the entire trip!

2. Incredibly Affordable

As important as it is to have things for kids to do at the cabin, it is equally as crucial to make sure you get a decent price for it. When you stay at one of our Murphy NC cabin rentals, we can help you put some money back in your pocket! We constantly have amazing cabin specials that can help your family find an amazing cabin at an unbelievable price. Some of these deals include a percentage off your entire stay, free nights, and more! We know family vacations can be expensive, which is why we do our part to help you save as much money as possible.

3. Close to Area Attractions

Horseback Riding We have already touched on all the exciting things for families to do together at the cabin, but there are also some amazing area attractions you will want to visit as well! Murphy NC is home to dozens of thrilling activities for children, including horseback riding, ziplining, golfing, and white water rafting! Because you chose to vacation in the beautiful North Carolina mountains, you will want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the nature around you.

4. Variety of Cabin Sizes

Whether you have a small family or one that requires a minivan, we have the perfect cabin size for all groups. Our cabins range from 1 to 6 bedrooms, giving you just the right amount of space that your family needs. With our larger cabins, you can even invite the extended family to come spend a few nights with you as well! Our goal is to have the perfect cabin for everyone, so be sure to come visit us in Murphy!

Now that you know why our Murphy NC cabin rentals are perfect for a family vacation, you are one step closer to having the trip of your dreams. Browse through all our rentals to find the perfect home away from home for your family. We look forward to seeing you soon!