kitchen in a cabin in murphy nc

Top 4 Benefits of the Full Kitchens at Our Murphy NC Cabins for Rent

Some of the many perks of staying in the cabins at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals are a kitchen with a stove, microwave, and every other modern amenity imaginable! Whether you want to prepare some light snacks or cook a full meal, you will love the awesome benefits of having a kitchen in your cabin! Here are the top 4 benefits of the full kitchens at our Murphy NC cabins for rent:

1. Convenience

kitchen in a cabinA huge benefit of the full kitchens at our Murphy NC cabins for rent is the convenience! Whether you are planning a morning hike along the Murphy River Walk or a day of sightseeing, the last thing you want is to waste time waiting in lines at restaurants! By having breakfast in your cabin, you can quickly be on your way to exploring all of the wonderful activities in the area. When you get back to the cabin in the afternoon, you can look forward to a favorite ice cold drink from the refrigerator or a quick snack in the microwave!

2. Cost Savings

While it can be fun to eat at some of the restaurants in downtown Murphy, the costs of dining out on each day of your vacation can add up fast! This is especially true if you are a family with children, and you have several hungry mouths to feed! The fully equipped kitchens at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals allow you to save a significant amount of money on your vacation. All you need to do is to stock up on groceries, which you can easily pick up at local stores such as Walmart Supercenter, Ingles Markets, or the United Grocery Outlet.

3. Prepare Romantic Dinners

person cutting up foodIf you are planning a romantic getaway to our Murphy NC cabins for rent, the full kitchens come in handy for preparing a romantic dinner for your sweetheart! Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, surprise your loved one with their favorite meal! Our 1 bedroom cabins in Murphy already have a romantic ambiance because they are surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the mountains. Therefore, your surprise dinner is just the icing on the cake for the ultimate romantic vacation!

4. Store and Heat Up Leftovers

If you do decide to experience some of the tempting restaurants in downtown Murphy, the full kitchen in our cabins is perfect for storing and heating up leftovers! Since it can be tough to finish the large portions that are served by many restaurants, you can bring your leftovers back to the cabin rather than wasting them, allowing you to enjoy another meal in the comfort of your cabin. You can eat your leftovers while relaxing in front of the fireplace or sitting outside on your private deck!

The fully equipped kitchens in our cabins are just one of the many amenities you’ll love! Check out all of our Murphy NC cabins for rent today to see the many other wonderful amenities and perks they provide. We look forward to seeing you soon!