The Sleepy Bear Lodge, one of the best places to stay in Murphy NC.

4 Reasons Cabin Rentals are the Best Places to Stay in Murphy NC

People come from all over the country to take their vacation in beautiful Murphy, NC. Our charming small town in the mountains is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway amongst some of the most stunning scenery in the country. While there are a variety of places to stay in Murphy NC, a cabin rental is head and shoulders above the other lodging options. Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has put together four reasons to spend your getaway at one of our cabins:

1. A Genuine Mountain Experience

When you take a vacation in Appalachia, you want to enjoy a genuine mountain experience. Nothing feels more authentic than staying at a log cabin. Hotels can be nice, but they are typically big chains that you can find in any city across the nation. In contrast, staying in a cabin is a special opportunity that you won’t find at most vacation destinations. All of our cabins are different; each one offering a unique decor, location, and set of amenities. A cabin rental isn’t just a place to stay at night, it’s a home away from home that you will remember long after your vacation is over.

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2. Ideal Balance of Togetherness and PrivacyThe deck of the Camp Need-a-Buck cabin in Murphy NC with mountain views.

Staying at a hotel can be a bit problematic for families. Do you spring for an additional room for the kids? Or do you all stay together in one cramped room? When you vacation at a cabin, all of these questions are irrelevant, because you will have all of the space you need!

Cabins offer the perfect mix of togetherness and privacy. Our properties provide plenty of common areas like the living room, dining area, and deck, so the whole family can spend some quality time as a group. However, parents and kids will enjoy separate rooms, so everyone can be on their schedule.

3. Immersed in Nature with All the Comforts of Home

Another reason cabins are the best places to stay in Murphy NC is their proximity to the area’s natural beauty. Our properties are located in Murphy’s most scenic locations, such as the foothills of the mountains or by a bubbling creek. Guests will enjoy breathtaking views right from their deck.

At the same time, our cabins are anything but rustic! Our vacation rentals come with all of the comforts of home, and some amenities that you many not have in your house. Popular features include hot tubs, grills, billiards, ping pong tables, air hockey, fire pits, and wireless internet.

The dining area in the Rustic Retreat cabin in Murphy NC.4. Wonderful Value

Unlike hotels, cabins provide exceptional value. For the price of a couple of hotel rooms, you can stay at your very own cabin, complete with a living room, dining area, private deck, and more. Also, all of our properties come with fully furnished kitchens, so you can save money by preparing meals right at your cabin. Once you start staying at our cabin rentals, you’ll never want to stay anywhere else again!

If you’re ready to check out some of the best places to stay in Murphy NC, browse our complete selection of Murphy North Carolina cabin rentals!