Woman on a winter hike

5 Tips for Taking a Winter Hike in Murphy NC

If you will be visiting the Murphy, North Carolina area this winter, you will have many opportunities to appreciate the region’s natural beauty and its many other attractions. While there is plenty to do in this scenic and historic region, you should not overlook the simple pleasures, such as taking a winter hike in Murphy NC. To help prepare you for this, we have put together five tips to keep in mind before you get started.

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1. Plan Your Destination

There are many great trails and parks where you can hike near Murphy. It’s always best to have a clear idea of your destination and how to get there. Do your research and bring a map so you don’t risk getting lost.

2. Choose a Hike of Appropriate Length and Difficulty

Depending on the ages and experience of hikers, you can choose a hike that’s easy, intermediate, or challenging. When planning winter hikes, you also have to take into consideration that it gets dark early and that temperatures can drop quickly.

3. Dress WarmlyClose up of sneakers as someone hikes

When hiking, make sure you’re wearing sturdy hiking boots and that you are dressed warmly. It’s always a good idea to bring along an extra layer of clothing in case it gets colder than you anticipated.

4. Don’t Neglect Sun Protection

You need protection from the sun all year round, winter included. Even if you plan to hike in the woods, you may decide to have a picnic in an open area where you are exposed to the sun. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen when you go hiking.

Young girls in a snowy forest5. Bring Along Safety Gear

Hiking is usually a safe and low risk activity. However, whenever you are spending time outdoors, it’s prudent to take some basic safety gear with you. This includes a first aid kit, flashlight, a pocket knife, and waterproof matches.

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