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4 of the Best Places to See the NC Fall Colors When You Stay With Us

Everyone knows that visiting the mountains in the fall presents lots of incredible opportunities to see the fall colors that sweep across the mountains during this time of year. If you’re considering planning a visit to Murphy NC, then you’re in luck! There are lots of places to see the NC fall colors when you stay at one of our cabins here in Murphy, from scenic hikes to stunning drives and more. Read on to learn about some of the best places to see the NC fall colors when you stay with us:

1. Murphy River Walk

Located right near downtown Murphy, the Murphy River Walk is a fun and convenient way to see the NC fall colors when you come to visit. This gorgeous and tree-lined area presents lots of great opportunities to see the fall colors, from kayaking along the river to strolling down the trail. In addition to seeing the beautiful fall colors, you can also scan the trail markers to learn interesting information about the area’s history as well as various fun facts!

2. Blue Ridge Parkway

fall at blue ridge parkwayAnother popular option for seeing the NC fall colors is the Blue Ridge Parkway, a stretch of road that spans 469 miles across the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The Parkway offers visitors plenty of opportunities to stop and see the sights at mountain overlooks, plus the winding road passes through some of the prettiest areas in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re looking to enjoy the NC fall colors from the comfort of your vehicle, you’ll definitely want to check out the Blue Ridge Parkway!

3. Lake Hiwassee

Surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest, Lake Hiwassee gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy fishing, boating, and more while taking in the views of the NC fall colors as the forest transitions from the greens of summer to the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall. You can even visit the Hiwassee Dam, which holds the record for the highest overspill dam in the world and offers great views of the surrounding area. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon outdoors enjoying all the mountains of North Carolina have to offer while seeing the fall colors, Lake Hiwassee is a great option for you!

4. Right From Your Cabin

Fall scenery visible from the hot tub on the deck of the Hardwood Trail Retreat cabin in North Carolina.By far the most convenient way to see the NC fall colors when you stay with us is to take in the sights from right at your cabin! Many of our cabins offer scenic views of the surrounding areas, giving you the perfect chance to unwind and see the beauty of the mountains while sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a nice lunch. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the stunning fall foliage here in the mountains of North Carolina, which is just another reason people love to stay in our cabins during this time of year!

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and exciting places to see the NC fall colors when you come stay at one of our cabins here in Murphy. If you’re ready to start planning your next getaway, check out our selection of Murphy NC cabin rentals and get ready for a fantastic adventure. We’ll see you soon!