Hiwassee Lake in Murphy NC.

5 Telltale Signs You’re in Love with Murphy NC

If you’re reading this blog, there is a chance that you’re in love…with Murphy, North Carolina. Millions of people have fallen under the spell of our charming Appalachian town, and new visitors join their ranks each day. To confirm that you’re head over heels for Murphy NC, check to see if you’re showing any of the following signs:

1. You’re Constantly Checking the Weather Forecast for Murphy

Are you constantly glancing at the weather forecast for Murphy? Is this secret obsession cutting into time you should be spending checking your emails or working? Western North Carolina is blessed with a temperate climate that makes it a popular destination throughout the year, so true devotees of Murphy know that the perfect forecast could always be just around the corner.
It’s not uncommon for Murphy to have highs in the 60s during the winter, so it always pays to keep a close eye on the weather.

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2. You Could Drive to Murphy with Your Eyes Closed

Obviously, you should always keep your eyes on the road while driving! For some frequent vacationers, however, the drive to Murphy NC is something they could do in their sleep. The most dedicated visitors to Murphy know the quickest routes to take, the best rest stops, and all of the tricks for beating traffic. Once they arrive in town, seasoned vacationers navigate Murphy’s back roads with ease and are often assumed to be local residents.

3. Your House is Overflowing with Photos from MurphyBeautiful mountain views from a cabin in Murphy, North Carolina.

Do you have more vacation photos then you know what to do with? Do framed pictures of Murphy line every room in your home? Are digital photos from your last getaway taking up all of the free space on your smartphone? Murphy is one the most beautiful towns in America, so we don’t blame you for being a little trigger happy with your camera! Western North Carolina is famous for its breathtaking mountain landscapes, and the most passionate aficionados of Murphy can’t help capturing all of the magnificent scenery.

4. You Start Planning Your Next Trip During Your Vacation

When you’re totally mad about Murphy, you just can’t wait to plan your next escape to the mountains. Sometimes, that means booking your next trip during your current vacation! The most ardent fans of Murphy can have their next four getaways mapped out by the time their present visit is over.

Hardwood Trail Retreat5. Your Favorite Cabin in Murphy is Like a Second Home

Experienced vacationers know that a cabin rental is the very best place to stay for a retreat in Murphy. Veteran visitors have a favorite cabin that they return to year after year. Unlike other lodging options, a cabin feels like a genuine home away from home. With their spectacular mountain views, soothing hot tubs, fully furnished kitchens, and fun amenities, cabins have everything you need for a stellar escape in the mountains.

If any of the above signs ring true, it’s time to start planning your next getaway by browsing our complete selection of Murphy NC cabin rentals!