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Top 4 Italian Restaurants in Murphy NC

One of the best parts of vacation is getting to enjoy your favorite foods! Luckily our little town has a ton of delicious places to eat and a variety of cuisines to choose from. When you find yourself in the mood for pasta or pizza, you’ll be glad we told you about some of the best places to get Italian food. Here are the top 4 Italian restaurants in Murphy NC:

1. Perrone’s Neighborhood Grill

One of the best places to get all your Italian favorites in town is Perrone’s Neighborhood Grill. You can’t go wrong getting gooey cheesy garlic bread or trying the Bahamian calamari tossed with roasted red peppers and banana peppers. If you find yourself in the mood for veal, you can get parmigiana, scallopini, piccata, or marsala. When chicken sounds good, you can also get piccata, fettuccine alfredo, marsalad, or cacciatore. Perrone’s also has seafood like sauteed mussels, shrimp, and seared salmon. If you want something more casual, you can always get chicken tenders, a burger, or a salad. This is a great Italian restaurant in Murphy NC to try!

2. Downtown Pizza Co

A man pulling a slice from a delicious pizza.There are several pizza places in downtown Murphy NC you may want to try. But one of the absolute best you need to visit is Downtown Pizza Co. They have the classic pizza and salad buffet if you want a little bit of everything. There’s meat pizza covered in ground beef, bacon, pepperoni, ham, and Italian sausage. You can get a veggie pizza covered in your favorites, or a deluxe with meat and veggies. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic pepperoni or cheese pizzas either. Downtown Pizza Co also lets you create your own pizza, and you won’t want to miss out on the breadsticks and cheese sticks!

3. Papa’s Pizza To Go

Another Italian restaurant in Murphy NC you will want to experience is Papa’s Pizza To Go. You can choose the size of your pizza, so you can share or get your own! Of course, they have all the classic pies, from all meat to veggie. Some signature flavors include chicken fiesta, philly cheesesteak, or Mediterranean chicken. Not only can you get pizza here, you can also get subs piled with your favorite toppings or fresh salads with the dressing of your choice. Papa’s also has bread sticks, cheese sticks, boneless wings, chicken tenders, and curly fries.

4. Sal’s Brooklyn Pizza

spaghetti and meatballsIf you want the real deal Italian food, Sal’s Brooklyn Pizza is a stop you have to make. You can create your own pizza and choose from several classic and unique toppings. Some of the specialty pizzas include spinach and ricotta, Aunt Helen’s white pizza, and Sal’s special. Pizza isn’t the only dish you will find at Sal’s. You can get spaghetti and meatballs, veal parmesan, ravioli, stuffed shells, calzones, and hot and cold sandwiches. As an appetizer, you can’t go wrong with fried ravioli, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, cheese bread, or garlic bread.

Now you know about the best Italian restaurants in Murphy NC. You’ll have so much fun making memories and enjoying incredible food while you’re in town. Have you started planning your trip? Look through our cabin rentals in Murphy NC, and book one for your vacation now!