A mug with a wool koozie on a table in front of the fireplace.

4 Great Ways to Keep Warm This Winter While Staying in Our Rental Cabins in Murphy North Carolina

If you were considering a winter getaway to Murphy NC but are concerned about the cold weather, we are here to put your mind at ease! There are plenty of ways to stay nice and warm inside the cozy cabins at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals! While the temperature drops outside, you will feel perfectly comfortable inside our cabins where you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Here are 4 great ways to keep warm this winter while staying in our rental cabins in Murphy North Carolina:

A couple drinking wine in front of their cabin's fireplace.1. Relax by the Fireplace

When taking a winter vacation to our cabins, one of the best ways to keep warm is to relax by the heat of the fireplace! The dancing flames not only provide the perfect amount of warmth inside your cabin, but also create a unique ambiance for you to enjoy. This is a particularly special touch for those couples heading to Murphy for a romantic stay in our one bedroom cabins! Whether you are cuddling together with your sweetheart in front of the fireplace or playing a game of cards with your friends, you will love the warm fireplaces at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals!

2. Soak in the Hot Tub

Another delightful way way to keep warm in our rental cabins in Murphy North Carolina is with a soak in our bubbling hot tubs! If you spent the afternoon on a winter hike through the mountains, there is nothing better than returning to your hot tub for a relaxing soak! The hot tub jets not only soothe your muscles but help to relieve stress from your daily life back home. The hot tub also offers the unique opportunity for you to enjoy the fresh mountain air while staying warm! Start your day with a morning soak in the tub as the mountains come alive, then head out into the tub at night when thousands of stars twinkle in the night sky!

mug-of-hot-cocoa3. Prepare Hot Chocolate

Our cabins in Murphy NC each have a convenient full kitchen that contain all the modern amenities necessary for meal preparation and food storage. This makes it easy for you prepare hot chocolate, coffee and other warm drinks to keep you warm throughout your winter vacation! Step outside on your private deck to feel the brisk air of winter as you gently sip on a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

4. Adjust the Cabin Temperature

While this may seem silly, some folks tend to think of cabins as rustic log cabins with no heat, air conditioning and other modern features. Of course, the cabins at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals are fully equipped with all the comforts of home so that you can easily adjust the cabin temperature to your desired level. Stay warm throughout your stay while enjoying other amenities in our cabins such as game rooms, cable televisions and more!

Check out all of our rental cabins in Murphy North Carolina today to plan your winter getaway to the beautiful mountains of Murphy! We look forward to seeing you soon at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals!