Incredible mountain views from our cabin rentals in Murphy NC.

Here Are 4 Things You’ll Love About Our Cabin Rentals in Murphy NC

If you’ve never stayed in one of our cabins, you’re really missing out on something special! Staying in a cabin is a completely different experience when you visit the mountains. Not only do they give you better privacy than a hotel, they also offer allow you to experience more of the area when you stay in them for vacation. Our cabin rentals in Murphy NC are great places to stay, and we are going to give you 4 things you’ll love most about them!

1. Peace and Quiet

When you decide to stay in our cabin rentals in Murphy NC, you are picking not only a beautiful location, but also a quiet vacation. Murphy NC is on the quiet side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which just means that there won’t be quite as many visitors clogging up the roadways as there might be in somewhere like Gatlinburg. Sometimes the best vacation is one that allows you to relax without being interrupted or annoyed by loud noises from other visitors, like what you would experience in a hotel. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on any sleep, or any shows you may be behind on!

2. Nearby AttractionsBlue Ridge Parkway scenic drives in North Carolina

Although you may just want to relax in solitude in your cabin, there are plenty of things to do in Murphy NC for the times when you want to get out and explore. The nearby casino may be of interest to you and you can take a trip up there if you want to try your hand at some gambling. There are also great restaurants you can visit, and there are family friendly attractions nearby as well if you and the family want to venture out. One of the most popular things to do, of course, is visiting the national park to go horseback riding or hiking on a few trails!

3. Views of the Mountains

The best part about staying in a cabin isn’t just the privacy, but also the views you get too! The mountains will greet you every morning, and you will also get a great view of native trees and wildlife when you choose our cabin rentals in Murphy NC. Our selection of Murphy NC cabins give you the opportunity to choose where you want to stay and how many rooms you need. No matter where you stay, you will have amazing scenery to enjoy every day!

4. You’ll Feel at HomeThe bedroom of a lovely cabin in Murphy North Carolina.

The feeling of being in a home away from home – that’s something a hotel can’t offer you. Cabins are meant to feel more like home than anywhere else and after you stay in one you’ll never want to stay in a hotel again! The simple luxuries of multiple rooms and plenty of privacy will be better than anything else hotels can offer you. That and the peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with noisy visitors and the hustle and bustle of the city will also be a nice bonus.

Murphy NC is a great place to stay because you are minutes away from one of the most well-known national parks, but you also don’t have to worry about the noise of staying in the city. We know you’ll love our cabins and we can’t wait to have you visit! Start planning your stay with us today by taking a look at all of our cabin rentals in Murphy NC!