people canoeing on a river

4 Things to Do in Murphy NC at the River Walk

One of the best places to visit while you’re in Murphy NC is the Murphy River Walk. You’ll love how peaceful it is along the river and trails and how much you can do around the park area. You’ll wish you had a place like this back at home! Check out these 4 things to do in Murphy NC at the River Walk:

1. Go on a Walk

walkway in a park When you’re looking for things to do in Murphy NC, walking along the trails at the River Walk is definitely one of the most fun. If you start at Konehete Park, you’ll find paved walkways that are great for jogging, running, or walking. The whole family will find these walkways easy to maneuver. You’ll probably see all kinds of creatures from birds to squirrels. At the end of the paved walkway, you’ll find the start of the gravel path. You’ll walk around the fisherman’s loop then parallel with the river. This path also has boardwalks and bridges so you can watch people canoe on the river or fish swim. You’ll feel peaceful walking through the less populated areas, plus you’ll be getting exercise!

2. Canoeing on the River

At the end of Payne Street, you will find the canoe put-in where you can start canoeing on the river. When the river splits at Confluence Loop, you can go left or right. If you go left, you’ll pass The Leech Place and the Fisherman’s Loop. You can then split off to the left or right again. If you go right, you’ll go a short distance before the river ends. If you go left at this fork, you’ll be able to get out at the parking area on Thomas Street. If you choose to go right at the first split, you’ll ride past Confluence Loop into Hiawassee River. You’ll be able to exit at the upriver canoe put-in area. While on the river, you’ll be able to see all kinds of wildlife up close. You’ll also get plenty of exercise and get to enjoy being in nature.

3. Have a Picnic

picnic basket next to a riverYou’ll find plenty of places where you and your family can bring food for a picnic along the River Walk. Grab a spot by the river along the paved walkway and spread out a blanket for your picnic lunch! You can watch ducks swim leisurely in the water and possibly see fish swimming too. If you don’t want to sit on the ground, you’ll find other areas where you can set up your picnic on a table. They also have charcoal grills available to use for hamburgers and hot dogs. The whole family will love spending a day finding things to do in Murphy NC at the River Walk!

4. Play on the Playground

In Konehete Park, you’ll find a playground for your children to play on. They’ll love climbing on the jungle gym and chasing each other all over the different features. You can watch them from a bench or the grass nearby. You can always join in the fun on the playground too! Slide down the slides together to make awesome memories with your kids. You’ll love spending the day on the playground together!

You’ll find plenty of things to do in Murphy NC at the River Walk. If you’re into outdoor activities, canoeing is definitely for you. Whether you want to exercise or spend quality time with your family, you’ll love walking along the paths. The kids will love having a picnic and playing on the playground. Start planning your trip today by browsing through our available cabins!