Incredible scenery sorrounding a Murphy NC cabin with mountain views.

5 Benefits of Staying at a Murphy NC Cabin with Mountain Views

A Murphy NC cabin with mountain views provides a frontrow seat to some of the most spectacular scenery in the Southeast! Mountain Country Cabin Rentals has put together a list of the top five benefits guests enjoy when they stay at a cabin with a view:

1. Stress Relief

There is just something relaxing about gorgeous mountain views that helps to relieve tension and stress. Leave behind the worries of everyday life as you kick back on your cabin’s deck to enjoy the incredible scenery that surrounds you. Begin the day with a hot cup of coffee as the sun rises over the mountains, or soak away the evening in your bubbling hot tub.

2. Amazing Photo OpportunitiesSpectacular photo from the porch of a Murphy NC cabin with mountain views.

Whether you are an amateur or expert photographer, your Murphy NC cabin with mountain views offers incredible photo opportunities! Be sure to pack your camera so you can snap some beautiful shots to help you remember your wonderful trip to North Carolina for years to come.

3. Peace and Quiet

When you stay at a secluded cabin in the mountains, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. Bring along a favorite book to read while you appreciate the peaceful environment, or take an afternoon nap as a cool mountain breeze sweeps through your cabin’s windows.

Hot tub on the porch of a Murphy NC cabin with mountain views4. Wildlife Sightings

As you stand on your cabin’s deck, you might spot a bird in the distance or perhaps a deer grazing just steps away! Keep a pair of binoculars ready for an up close look at some of the wildlife in this amazing ecosystem. After all, you never know what you might see in a cabin with a mountain view!

5. Beautiful Night Skies

After the sun sets behind the mountain peaks, you will be treated to a beautiful night sky with thousands of twinkling stars. Stargazing with your sweetheart on your cabin’s deck is the perfect way to end a romantic day in beautiful Appalachia.

If you have any questions about staying at a Murphy NC cabin with mountain views, send us a message via the Mountain Country Cabin Rentals Contact page or give our vacation specialists a call today!