Little girl with her dog packed for vacation in the car

Top Advantages of Booking One of Our Murphy North Carolina Pet Friendly Cabins

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend for a reason, and we understand that your pet is considered an important part of your family! Therefore, Mountain Country Cabin Rentals is delighted to offer a selection of pet friendly cabins in Murphy North Carolina! Here’s 5 advantages to booking one of our Murphy North Carolina pet friendly cabins:

1. Bring Your Pet for the Trip

The obvious advantage of booking one of our pet friendly cabins is that you can bring along your furry friend for the duration of your vacation! Therefore, rather than being left alone at home or in a kennel, your pet can be your companion as you explore scenic mountain trails, take pleasant walks around a beautiful lake, or simply relax in the comfort of your cabin. We are sure that your dog will be thankful and give two big “paws up” for bringing them on your vacation to Murphy, NC!

2. Vacation Becomes More Affordable

By bringing your pet along on your trip, your vacation becomes more affordable so that you can splurge more on attractions, dining out, travel expenses, and more! After all, just think of the significant expenses associated with leaving your pet at home such as kennel costs and dogwalker fees. Therefore, invite your pet to your vacation and book one of our Murphy North Carolina pet friendly cabins!woman on hiking trail with bright sunlight

3. Incredible Amenities

Don’t let the term ‘pet friendly’ fool you! Our pet friendly cabins are just as impeccably clean as all of our non-pet cabins, with all the fantastic amenities that guests of Mountain Country Cabin Rentals have come to expect. These include such great amenities as full kitchens, Jacuzzi tubs, private decks, hot tubs, game rooms and much more! Relax on your cabin’s deck as you and your pet take a break before heading out for a hike.

4. Ideal Location

Mountain Country Cabin Rentals are situated in a stunning location where your pet will have plenty of room for daily exercise. Leave the busy streets of the city behind as you arrive to our lovely wilderness setting in the mountains! Both you and your pet will appreciate the pleasant change of location and the lovely serenity of the Murphy, NC region. If your pet needs a nap, you can enjoy such fun local activities as horseback riding, fishing and golfing.

5. Pets Help You RelaxWildflowers on a mountain, part of a spring vacation at a Murphy NC cabin

Animals have a unique way of finding incredible enjoyment of even the smallest details, whether it be sniffing every inch of your cabin rental or stopping to smell a spring flower. If you are feeling stressed out when you arrive to Mountain Country Cabin Rentals, your pet helps to remind you to relax and enjoy the precious moments in life no matter how large or small they may be!

After a fun stroll with your pet, you can look forward to returning to our cozy Murphy North Carolina pet friendly cabins. Take a look at our Murphy NC cabins to start planning your vacation today!